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Trans Visibility Day 2021

Coming out is hard, and it can be even harder for those who find themselves in the public eye. In an effort to support trans communities, we have rounded up some incredibly honest, out and proud YouTubers, as well as some fantastic charities to support.

  1. Aaron Ansuini

Aaron is a disabled trans creator & activist. His topics include LGTQ+ activism, mental health, transitioning, disability activism, as well as art and music. Subbed by over 35K supporters, Aaron's channel and aura is quite often described by viewers as 'cosy'. Check out his channel trailor below!

2. Samantha Lux

Samantha is a digital content creator, often posting reaction videos to LGBTQ+ trending news (such as Lil Nas X's new music video). She has also documented at length her transition, and continues to update her 500K+ subs on her journey, along with make up tutorials and 'get ready with' videos.

3. MilesChronicles

Miles is 'known for his LGBTQ+ advice content and trying to be funny like everyone else on the internet'. If you're at that age in life where you feel too-young-to-be-Millenial-but-too-old-for-Gen-Z, then I'm pretty sure you will relate to his content. He has been creating content for over six years, and is a renowned LGBTQ+ activist. With more than 1.17m subscribers, it's clear he is a huge inspiration to many.

4. Queer As Cat

Vesper is a black, queer, non-binary, asexual vlogger and blogger also known as Queer As Cat in online communities. Vesper strives to help raise awareness of the intersections of sexuality, gender and race and to increase visibility and representation for people like themself who are in the cross-hairs of such intersectionality. Their channel is full of informative videos all about their queer life experience.

This non-exhaustive list represents some of Chloe Clarke's favourite YouTubers; thank-you for sharing!

Charities to Support

  1. Mermaids

Mermaids has been supporting gender-diverse kids since 1995. Their online hub contains so much useful information for parents of gender-questioning kids, resources for schools, and for kids. They offer free crisis talks, 24/7, across the UK.

2. Gendered Intelligence

Gendered Intelligence, established in 2008, works to increase the understanding of gender diversity, and help improve the lives of trans folk. Their website is full of resources for youths and professionals. Since 2010, they have taken young trans people (aged 11-25) on camping weekends, in an effort to help them form long lasting friendships with those in the same situation.

3. MindOut

MindOut is an LGBTQ+-run charity focusing on the mental health of LGBTQ+. This is an incredibly useful service, and their work is incredibly important. They provide real-time online support most evenings, as well as online/telephone counselling.

Please note: Many of these websites feature a 'Get out' button, which takes the user away from the website and to an innocuous one. If you find yourself browsing these websites but feel you are in an unsafe environment, please make use of this feature.

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