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Some of the BEST LGBTQ+ child friendly books!

Happy World Book Day!

The events of 2020 affected a lot of people's reading habits. In fact, a recent study by Cartridge People found that 33% of people were reading more in February 2021 compared to February 2020!

With a baby-boom expected this year, we thought we would round up some of the best LGBTQ+ child-friendly books.

Uncle Bobby’s Wedding by Sarah S. Brannen, illus. Lucia Soto

A lighthearted story that not only normalises AND celebrates two men announcing their marriage, but it explores Chloe’s mixed emotions about it. She is given the space to express these emotions, encouraging active communication. There’s a poetic touch that really compliments the vibrant, adorable illustration.

LGBT+ Owned bookstores selling:

Gays the Word Bookshop | Queer Lit

You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson

This young adult novel follows Liz Lighty who is set on becoming prom queen in order to achieve her dreams. Please be warned that there are depictions of sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, mental health support needs and death but reviews show readers notes how damn cute the storyline is. Leah Johnson doesn’t just write about a black woman’s experience in a queer relationship, but provide compatibility.

LGBT+ Owned bookstores selling:

Paned o Ge is a Welsh owned bookstore running a #PayItForward Scheme in which they provide queer books and texts to those that may be financially unable to access them otherwise.

Gays The Word Bookshop | Queer Lit | The Portal Bookshop | The Bookish Type

Toad Attack! By Patrice Lawrence

A book about all things glorious: FROGS. This wholesome story focuses on Leo and Rosa’s adventure to find where their new toad friend came from. The casual mention of Rosa’s partial deafness is refreshing and highlights the importance of representation without a focal point. With a range of diverse characters, an intriguing story and not to mention the quirky and fun illustration, this is perfect for emerging readers to learn about the world as it truly is and should be.

It is important to include that this book has been designed with those that may struggle to read, such as those with dyslexia, using off-white paper and dyslexia friendly font and layout.

LGBT+ Owned bookstores selling:

The Bookish Type

A Potted Trans History by Rowan Frewin

An Illustrated zine originally made for Comics Youth as part of an ongoing project the author was a part of, this gives a spotlight for the transgender folk in history that have been, of course, glossed over. A mini information kind of read, this zine has a place with the queer literature I display in my home for guests to read or just enjoy the art of, which is simple yet beautiful, with the blush of cheeks popping out of the page.

LGBT+ Owned bookstores selling:

The Bookish Type | Paned o Ge | RowanFerinArt on Etsy (the author themselves)

Making A Baby by Rachel Greener & Clare Owen

Not your average awkward-conversation-so-here’s-a-book kind of book. This doesn’t just explain the traditional way to have children, but how all types of families are formed and are valid. It explains IVF, surrogacy, adoption and more. The design is colourful and friendly, suitable for a range of ages to be read together or as a read alone. As it is gentle, this should really be used as a stepping stone to a wider conversation. Communication is key!

LGBT+ Owned bookstores selling:

Gays The Word Bookshop | The Portal Bookshop | Queer Lit

The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag

A graphic novel which explores toxic masculinity and its effects on young males, especially when it comes from those closest to us. Ostertag uses a magical realm where men become shapeshifters, but women stay witches, to highlight how harmful gender roles can be on all genders. The art is beautiful, even the candle lit walls are detailed. The cherry on top is a blossoming friendship filled with love.

LGBT Owned bookstores selling:

The Bookish Type

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