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Sapphic Lifestyle is a new venture, launching in April 2021.

Despite growing progression and acceptance for those who consider themselves LGBTQ+, there is still an underwhelming number of dedicated news outlets or lifestyle magazines solely focused on queer lifestyles, as well as queer representation in the media.

Of course, staples like PinkNews and Gay Times and DIVA and Curve Mag exist, but not everyone enjoys reading content in an online paper style. Other people just cannot get enough queer content and will devour as much as possible - so what's one more concise (and fun!) outlet that is delivered direct to your inbox!

I'm really passionate about exploring this project, and building a community of readers and contributors.

My aim for Sapphic Lifestyle is to grow into a well received outlet that not only informs, but entertains and allows readers to share their own experiences.

What does 'sapphic' mean?

This is one thing that cropped up whilst I was doing some concept planning for this venture. When used as an adjective, it simply means 'relating to lesbians or lesbianism'. One masculine version for this is 'Achillean'.

The term 'sapphic' derives from the archaic Greek poet Sappho, who is well known for her work portraying women-loving-women. This is still disputed by scholars, yet her non-hetero based poetry and lifestyle persevere in popular culture and with other scholars.

I want to emphasise that Sapphic Lifestyle is intended for all those who identify under the vast umbrella that is LGBTQ+ and is inclusive of all sexual and gender identities.
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